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is a FemTech

and impact-driven venture

using technology and data to improve

the mental health of women

transitioning into and through motherhood.

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revolutionizing women’s mental health and wellbeing during preconception, pregnancy and early motherhood. healthcare. We use state-of-the-art predictive intelligence, and digital technologies to create a unique experience for every woman becoming mother. For her, and for her baby.

The Problem

Healthcare was never designed for women

Most healthcare and its related tech were created by and for men. The uniqueness of women’s bodies and their ever-changing needs have gotten short shrift in just about every market direction—it was not until 1993 that women were even allowed in clinical trials.

Take Matrescence for example. Matrescence is the massive mental, physical and social transformation of a women becoming mother, a unique journey for every women that takes from 4 to 7 years. Have you ever asked yourself where to find a health solution that covers all the matrescence needs?


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Women are not all the same!

Different history, different genes, different physiology , different incomes, different jobs, different social support. 

One size fits all support during matrescence does not work.  

Women are not all the same!

Different history, different genes, different physiology , different incomes, different jobs, different social support. 

One size fits all support during matrescence does not work.  

Fragmented Healthcare approach

. General Practitionner
. Gynecologist

. Midwife

. Psychologist

. Psyquiatrist

. Pediatrician
. General Internist

. Medical dietitian

Where can a women

find a solution that covers

all her mental and integral health needs during matrescence?

90% of women experience some kind of mood disorder during motherhood

      25% suffer a severe mental health pathology

75% of the cases go underdiagnosed

      70% of detected cases are not properly treated

Mood disorders and Mental health pathologies

Mood disorders and Mental Health pathologies

have a direct impact on the mother's health,

and on her capacity to take care of the child,

with potential negative effects for both.

Our Solution

Dana es una solución digital y preventiva para la salud mental y el bienestar de mujeres que transitan la maternidad.

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Download Dana as a wellbeing app


... and a certified software-as-a-medical device for the Healthcare System

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About us

Success is measured by how you touch the lives of people


... that the health and wellbeing of future generations is directly linked to the integral health of a women during preconception, pregnancy and early motherhood.

... that a combined digital health solution (wellbeing app and certified medical device) will provide a solution both for the individual and for the healthcare system

... that together we can end the invisible suffering  of women becoming mothers affecting directly the beginning of life of the newborn.  

We believe..


Somos una start up enfocada en  la salud y el bienestar digital, lanzada en Barcelona y abierta al mundo. Estamos enfocados en proporcionar soluciones holísticas basadas en IA para cumplir nuestra misión: permitir el mejor comienzo en la vida maximizando la salud y el bienestar de padres e hijos. Creemos que todos en el mundo merecen vivir una vida feliz y saludable, y nuestro propósito es convertir esta visión en realidad. Somos un negocio consciente que sigue los valores de B-Corp.

Legend of the Colibri

  Once upon a time, there was a huge fire in the forest. The animals fled in terror, except for a small brave Colibri (hummingbird). The Colibri flew from the river to the fire, carrying droplets of water in its beak.

   “Are you crazy? You are not going to put out the fire with your little droplets!” the Armadillo said, mocking him.

  “Maybe, but I am doing my part.” responded the Colibri.

  The Colibri inspired a second Colibri, a third… and a thousand Colibris. The remaining animals joined in saving the forest. Soon after, the fire was extinguished, and the forest started to grow again.


Our company is inspired by the legend of the Colibri, no one is too small or too lonely to make an impact on individuals, society, and the world. Real paradigm shift occur with collective intelligence tackling a societal problem. 

Be the best colibri you can be. Come and join us. 



Nuestro Impacto

En mil colibris, medimos el éxito por la forma en que tocamos la vida de las personas. Creemos que el mundo está lleno de grandes ideas, inventos y corporaciones que no siempre están interconectadas. Nuestro objetivo es trabajar juntos para cambiar el paradigma actual y maximizar el impacto en tantas vidas como sea posible.


Como empresa consciente y una aspirante a B-Corp, soñamos no sólo de ser la mejor en el mundo, sino también la mejor para el mundo.



Medio Ambiente



Modelo de Negocios

La comunidad B-Corp trabaja para reducir la desigualdad, disminuir los niveles de pobreza, lograr un medio ambiente más sano, comunidades más fuertes y crear empleos de alta calidad con dignidad y propósito. 

Equipo Central

Verónica Montesinos Dana Health 2022.png

Verónica, CEO
economics, entrepreneur


Sara Granado.png

Sara, Content
Employee Experience


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Sven Mulfinger Dana Health 2022.png
Sara Victor Dana Health 2022.png
Aina Frau-Pascual.png

Sven, CSO
Dr. Engineer, entrepreneur


Sara, Tech Lead
Full stack Programmer


Aina, Data, AI
PhD Machine Learning


Leandro Barreiro.png
Sofía Veloso.png
Roser Palau.png

Leo, Sales & Partnerships


Sofía, Product
UX Research


Roser, Scientific Partnerships


Jordi Gomez.png
Celeste Frerrari.png
Juan Segundo.png

Laura, Growth
Podcasts & User Empowerment


Jordi, Content


Juan, Detection


Celeste, UX


Alex Souza.png
Julieta Perez.png
Isabelle Coca.png

Alex, Community
Lactancy advisor


Isabelle, Content
Midwife, Hata Yoga


Julieta, Social Media


Advisors and content creators

Diana Sanchez.png
Silvia perez.png
Juanita Caijao.png

Prof. Dr. Perinatal Psychology




Prof. Dr. Perinatal Psychology


Dr. Perinatal Psychology


Nacho Rufin.png
Holger Sprengel.png
Thorsten Faust.png



Serial Entrepreneur


Prof. Dr. Perinatal Psychology




Oscar García.png
Stefan Bielau.png
Benedict Rehbein.png
Anna Fragua.png

PhD Gamification eHealth


Serial Entrepreneur


Serial Entrepreneur


Social Entrepreneur


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